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This time a YOUNG!Buffy.

She'd been sitting on the steps of Hemery, when the sky above head opened up it's flood gates. Out of nowhere the rain poured around her. Pelting the blonde as she stood and searched for a cover. This definitely wouldn't have happened if mom was on time. She thought silently, making a dash for the cover of a tree.

When all of a sudden a flash of lightening sparked out right in front of her, reeling the young girl off her feet and backwards. Momentarily blinding her.

What seemed like only seconds had passed when she was able to recover. Though when she did, she found herself soaked to the bone and standing in a shop. Her eyes wide with confusion as Buffy tried to wring the excess water from her shirt. "Oh god, did I hit my head? 'Cos this definitely isn't Kansas."

Well what do you know .Son of Angel

[Connor was flying in a way. He'd just been punched by a tough looking guy in a business suit. Angel, his father had come to see him today, to help him out with a resume. Yep. That was a signal the world was ending, all in it self.

He was flying, and keep flying until he smashed into the magic box counter, shattering it.

Ah...what the..?

[He lifted his head and gazed around the unfamiliar room. This wasn't certainly not Wolfram and harts office, Had they taken him away to stop him helping his father? He groaned as he sat up, holding his side. That Hamilton packed quite a punch. He had to get back, He needed to help his father. Well one of them anyway. ]

Another Buffy?

Buffy glanced around the Magic Box. This was new. She was pretty sure she hadn't been here just a minute ago. Of course, considering her life for the past... way too many years, she really shouldn't be that surprised. Something like this was bound to happen sometime. Whatever this was.

"Hello?" she called out. "Anybody here?" Her voice grew softer. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." she sing-songed at last. She'd begun wandering around the bookshelves and staircase, but paused as a thought occurred to her. What if this was some weird alternate dimension like Anya was always talking about, where the people she knew weren't the people she knew? Like, what if everyone was a different gender? Her eyes widened at the thought of meeting a male-her. Or-or a female Giles! Or worse; what if everyone was a vampire?

Okay, she officially didn't like this place anymore, because no matter how much it looked like the Magic Box she remembered, she was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be standing, and if it wasn't supposed to be standing, how was it here, with her inside it? It had to be a doppelganger, and Buffy knew from experience that doppelgangers were not fun. She began to ease her way back toward the door, trying to keep an eye out for anyone who might come to investigate her calling out from before. Way to announce your presence to unknown persons, Summers, she berated herself.

Part of her thought she just might be overreacting, but Buffy decided to ignore that part for the much larger part of her that wanted to stay alive and didn't care if she was acting like a scared little girl.

(OOC: Have an alternate universe!Buffy! She knows canon through S7, but she prefers to live in ARs & RPs, so she's kinda nebulous)

Enter the...puppet?

[In the basement of the Magic Box, there is an abrupt disturbance which may or may not be audible to those upstairs. It sounds rather suspiciously like a body being flung full force into a handy stack of boxes. Hopefully there's nothing in them that's too horribly fragile. The sound ceases as quickly as it had begun, leaving a new arrival behind.

Darkness. Darkness and...cardboard. Angel cracked open one eye and looked up at the mangled mess above his head, thinking unkind thoughts. Whatever was inside that egg-thing had packed one hell of a wallop. He reached up to feel the top of his skull, probing gently to make sure there was no bleeding. His scalp felt rather...funny. Like he was poking at a blanket or something similarly soft. A few more tentative pokes, and he discovered he was covered in something like that all over.]

Oh, that's just swell.  Knocked out and covered in fuzzy goo. Can't wait to hear the reactions to this.

[Still, he wasn't about to let it stop him from his current investigation, and he went to casually push the box on top of him out of his way. It didn't seem to want to budge easily. Frowning slightly, he pushed harder, and felt the box move. With more effort than he thought he would have actually needed, he managed to get free of the boxes, only to find...more darkness.

Angel growled slightly, rather put out by the whole situation. He was actually tired from moving the boxes, which was odd. Actually, odd pretty much summed up how he was feeling. He felt off, but couldn't quite put his finger on /why/ he felt that way. It didn't help that his mouth tasted like someone had stuffed a sock into it. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the room, he could make out shapes - more boxes, and what looked like large shelves with equally large objects on them. Everything actually seemed larger that it should.]

So, did I swallow something from a bottle labeled 'Drink me' when I wasn't looking, or did that creature just knock me into some new fun giant hell dimension instead?

[He caught a glimpse of a sliver of light up near the top of what he assumed was the ceiling, and made his way over to it - only to find himself caught up short by running into a large plank of wood. Fortunately, the plank was actually parallel to this chest and lacked any jagged edges.  He pulled himself up onto the plank, and could just make out another one in front of him. To the sides of the planks, it looked like there were some supports, and larger-then normal railings attached to them. With a growing sense of despair, he realized he was on an over-sized staircase - and it was a long, long way up to that sliver.]

Right. Giant hell dimension it is, then.

[OOC: Have an Puppet!Angel, from Angel Series 5, episode 14, Smile Time]

anyone lost their key?

[Well, this is interesting. Interesting in the way that the last time Dawn saw the Magic Box was... well, she can't remember the specific last time, but in summary: it was chilling at the bottom of a big old crater the last she heard. Also, there's the small matter of how exactly she got there]

This... can't be good.

[ooc: OHI have a post S7 pre S8 giant-dom Dawn]

Arrival (Giles, post season 7)

Oh dear.

[Giles isn't sure what concerns him most, the fact that he's suddenly found himself inside a building that has been destroyed more then once and now rests in ruble at the bottom of a crater or the fact that things here aren't quite as they should be. Mostly it's small things - bookcases of a slightly different size, walls of a slightly different paint color, books in not quite the right order. But then there's the girl at the counter - blond, familiar, but not right. Instead of Anya it's Buffy, but a Buffy that's younger then she should be and...]

Is this a dream? And astral projection of sorts? Another dimension? Or am I simply, finally, broken down and living in an asylum, the last shreds of my sanity snapped by living with a houseful of Slayers?

[He reaches down do pick up a statue, half expecting non corporeal fingers to slide through the object. They don't; he is as real as his surroundings.]

Oh dear.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

[And here's another Buffy, wandering the shop that is the Magic Box. She looks way, way wigged.]

So, I thought this place was kablooey-crater-land.

(ooc: hi guys! thought I'd slide in and have some dressing room hijnks with you beautiful folks!)

A New Challenger Has Appeared

[Willow was not expecting this.]

The Magic Box? Woah. Giles, is this supposed to be a surprise? Though I am a bit curious why you picked Brazil of all places to reopen it. Granted, Sunnydale's a crater now, so reopening there is not exactly a valid option...

[She pauses, frowns.]

I smell a trap.

((OOC: Post TV show, pre-Season Eight Willow. Badass Wiccan chick is badass, but on the good side. Temporarily broken up with Kennedy... Yeah.))
((OOC: Found this place hope you don't mind the random drop in))

Satsu had been sitting listening to the girls grieve, trying to comfort, set their minds at ease. Alas it was easier said than done. Especially when Her mind was far to busy thinking about the Boss.

So when she'd been transported out of her Japanese home on one hand she was pleased the other hand. Not really so much. So when she then found herself in the magic box. Whatever the hell that was she was more than a little confused. "Excuse me? Ma'am? Willow? Anyone? Mr Harris?"

Made a promise to a lady, I did. And if you think that means I'm goin' to let you gallivant around town at all hours of the night like some sort of harlot, you've another thing    

[ He's frowning now. He was just standing inside the Summers' residence, giving the Nibblet another lecture while she sat with her arms crossed on the couch. Spike turns, does a semi-circle, inspecting the area. A scarred brow arches in question. The Magic Box? ]

Dawn? If Willow's been teachin' you how to dabble with Magick, I'll skin your  

[ He rolls his eyes, bites the inside of his cheek and shakes his head. Talking to himself is one thing, but it might be better if he got back to doing his job- protecting Dawn.

Spike glances at the window, notices it's daylight out, when it was night not but five minutes ago. Something funny's going on. And he's what- surprised? ]

Bloody hell.

[ He's headed for the basement, ready to go through the tunnels, 'less someone stops him. ]

Welcome to the Magic Box!

[Have a Buffy, sitting behind the counter of the Magic Box. She's got a teen magazine in her hand, flipping through the latest fashions and just waiting to welcome any new-comers to the sandbox.]

Have some rules!

Alrighty guys! Let's lay down some groundrules!

1. btvs_dressing can has buffy-verse characters only plz? Since it's, you know, a Buffy dressing room, here's to hoping that we have no random non-btvs pups jumping it. This doesn't exclude original characters set in the BTVS universe or alternate BTVS characters (like my Buffy Giles here, for example), but no random... Dragonball characters or anything please.
--This rule also does not exclude any characters from Angel the Series. Same universe, so sandbox to play in!

2. There is no application or prerequisite (other than being a buffy-verse pup) to join! There's no limit on how many versions of one character can join. There's also no limit on how many character you the mun can join with! Like most other dressing rooms, this is just informal fun RPing. So therefore, join with 65,424,687 character and spread the Buffy love!

3. Your pup doesn't have to be a member of any particular RP to join, all they need to do is have a journal! You can use freebie journals you just have sitting around, you can use journals that are already members of other RP comms, you can use any journal, really! Long as they're buffy-verse, you're cool!

4. There is no particular form of posting. You can post as if your pup is writing in a journal community if you like, or you can post as if it's a physical situation. Everything excepted! Remember, this is an informal rp just for fun! There is no real continuity, just random spazziness!

5. Tag your posts please, with "Character Name (Username)" if you care to. It makes it easy to track posting and fun to keep track of where characters have been in the sandbox.

6. What happens IC, stays IC. What happens OOC, stays OOC. I cannot stress this enough! I'm not asking all muns to be best friends, but please don't let OOC fights interfere with IC interaction, and please don't let an IC fight make you mad OOC. Let's make nice and share the sandbox!

7. I won't bar adult stuff, but plznthks be sure that anything that might possibly be not work friendly or not work safe? Put it under a cut with warning above the cut! Heaven only knows where someone might be cruising the comm from, and we don't want people getting in trouble! Adult stuff might take the form of anything from excessive cursing to sexual stuffies.

8. And, the usual, no godmoding, no forcing your ships on others, no excessive wangst, etc. All the common sense stuff! <3